About Minnesota Virtual School for Success

Minnesota Virtual School for Success was created to offer Minnesota students more opportunities.

Since our beginning, we've helped all different kinds of students from all across the state of Minnesota.

Students looking to advance their education by taking courses not offered at their current school;

students needing to stay home and help raise a family; students just looking for something different - we

strive to meet the needs of every type of student that comes to us!

Our mission at Minnesota Virtual School for Success is to engage, inspire, and educate the whole

student for an options-rich future through challenging, flexible, teacher-developed curriculum; with the

encouragement of responsive faculty and staff; within a creative and supportive learning community.

At Minnesota Virtual School for Success all students define their unique identities and entry points into adult life; their reasons to persist and to stretch toward excellence; and their individual and collective purposes that make school, work, and life meaningful. Minnesota Virtual School for Success supports students to engage with learning not only online, but everywhere adults will support their achievements. 

Minnesota Virtual School for Success has recently been approved for full-time and supplemental status! This means we are able to provide online learning to all Minnesota students seeking either part-time or full-time enrollment. One thing that remains the same: we are still able to provide an extensive list of classes and resources to help each and every student along their own individualized pathway to graduation and success.


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Minnesota Virtual School for Success

Engage, Inspire, & Educate the Whole Student.

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