Minnesota Virtual School for Success Frequently Asked Questions

Learning at MNVSS Centers on Relationships & Interactions


  • Our curriculum is assembled and delivered by our MN-licensed teachers, focused on providing an individual educational experience to each student.

  • Our enrollment is intentionally small so that students and families receive the attention they deserve.

  • MNVSS supports students to engage with learning, not only online, but everywhere adults will support their achievements.

What types of online programs does MNVSS offer?

MNVSS provides 2 types of learning options for students: 

  • Comprehensive - students attending MNVSS on a Full-Time basis

  • Supplemental - students who stay in their enrolling school, but take 1-3 online courses that replace traditional, face-to-face courses at their school

  • Both options can provide online General Education and Credit Recovery courses



Do you offer advanced classes?


Comprehensive students have the option to apply for PSEO courses in grades 11-12.

Is there a cost?


MNVSS is free for these students:

  • Minnesota residents who physically live in the state and do not attend a private or home school

  • Full-time enrolled students (Comprehensive)

  • Part-time enrolled students (Supplemental) - students who are enrolled in another MN public school, but choosing to replace a face-to-face course with an online course

Tuition is required for these students:

  • Non-Minnesota residents, or Minnesota residents who plan to live outside of the state for more than 15 school days

  • Students who exceed full-time enrollment

  • Home-schooled students

  • Private school students

Required tuition is $550.00 for each semester course during the school year.


Can I work at my own pace?


While students are expected to meet minimum attendance requirements, there are no restrictions as to when you can access your assignments or how quickly you complete them and move forward.

How do you take attendance? 


  • For Comprehensive students, attendance is based on weekly progress, which means you have to submit work (in each course) weekly in order to be marked present for any number of days that week.

  • For Supplemental students, attendance is still taken by their current school, regardless of progress made in an online course. However, course credit is only issued for completed courses with a score of at least 65%.

  • View our Student Handbook for more information.


How do I talk to my teachers? 


Typically, you'll communicate via your course messaging system, but you can also use email, phone call/text, or set up an online meeting (Google Meet is our preferred way to meet online.).

When are your enrollment deadlines?


Enrollment for Comprehensive students is flexible at MNVSS, so you can enroll at any time. However, our calendar runs August-May, and we suggest you submit your online application before or close to the start of the semester so that you have adequate time to complete your courses. 

Supplemental students should consult with their school counselor regarding the best time to enroll in online courses.

 Can I graduate from my traditional bricks-and mortar school?

  • Supplemental students may graduate from their local school. Your school counselor will verify that the course(s) you take with MNVSS are part of your graduation plan and meet state and local graduation requirements.

  • Comprehensive students who meet our graduation requirements will receive a Minnesota state-approved high school diploma from MNVSS and are invited to participate in our annual graduation ceremony.

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