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As an online public school, we offer Full-Time and Supplemental enrollment for students in grades 5-12 who find themselves looking for a new setting, a change of pace, credit recovery courses, or courses not offered at their current school.


Our Full-Time students also have access to special education, guidance counselling, and social/emotional support services. Regardless of your situation, MNVSS can be a convenient option for families in need of a non-traditional setup. 


Your Education, Your Way

Online Education

Endless Possibilities

In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new knowledge and skills in order to ensure our success. MNVSS is a top online education school that provides just that. Our highly skilled instructors employ their extensive professional expertise to teach winning strategies that put students on the fast track to proficiency.

Applying is Easy!

Visit our Enrollments page for further information and instructions to begin the application process today, or contact our Online Coordinator at for more information.

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I love how personal MNVSS really is. I can ask my teachers anything, and they truly care if I understand.

Online Tutoring

MNVSS really made my learning personal-I love the ability to choose my pathway and courses with my teachers.

-Sara J.


What types of online programs does MNVSS offer?

Comprehensive-students attending MNVSS on a Full Time Basis

Supplemental-students taking 1-3 classes that replace traditional, face-to-face courses

General Education & Credit Recovery courses 

What is the cost?

Minnesota residents are free

Required tuition for non-Minnesota residents, private & home-schooled students, and students who exceed full-time enrollment

How can I enroll?

Contact Jennie Patrick for enrollment at or visit our Enrollment page!